I haven’t been on here in a long time.

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the queen, ladies and gentlemen

literally did not even have to press play. I just knew.


How did I know? 

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The Pop Punk Rap by A - MONEY (FT. T DOG)

Call that shit Soupy cause i aint feeling sad

Bitch you’re like the Swellers; best i ever had

I’ll be your Man Overboard and love you like mad

or I can go town on you like Ben (pre-stab)

I hope he kills you with dem handguns

so I can be your Yellowcard and you can be my only one

I can be your placeholder like the story so far

i can give you closure in the backseat of your car

Maybe I’ll go neck deep in another part of me

Or i can be your anchor down if you fuck the past with me

you can call me basement cause you know i’ll throw my voice

let me down like Parker Cannon for all the other boys

say i’m a Contender and Forever I’ll come Calling

I’ll be like Max Bemis and learn a lot about falling

Fuck Under Soil and Dirt, I’ll always rise above

And give you everything; Alive with the glory of love

We can  live like kings or be thick as thieves forever

or you could stab my back and blame it on the southern weather

and with my New Found Glory I won’t let her pull me down

Call that shit the wonder years cause i guess I’m just down


If you wanna download the track heres a link yo.


Didnt know this still lives.

Funniest thing ive ever done woth alex by far.

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